Monday, May 23, 2011

If Your in NYC...

You should head over to the Jarvis Center for the BookExpo of America (BEA). Authors, signed books, and everything book related is going on over there. Sadly I can't go this year, hopefully next year. Great things you should check out is:

1. Spencer Hill Press booth #4779 who are giving out a bunch of SWAG and ARCs.
2. Lisa Desrochers giving out copies of Personal Demons and signed ARC's of Original Sin.
3. Gena Showalter signing ARCs of Twisted.
4. R.L. Stine will be there (My first chapter book was A Night in Terror Tower)
5. Meg Cabot will also be in NYC at that time so go check her out. I just found out she will be going to a book store next to my college and I won't be there...NOOO! it's even worse than missing Suzanne Collins when she was there right after Mockingjay came out and I was still on summer vacation.

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