Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: The Pace

The Pace by Shelena Shorts
Publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishng
Publication Date: August 19, 2009

"Nineteen-year-old Weston has everything.  He's super hot, mysterious, dangerous, sincere, and vulnerable.  He's also a one-of-a-kind evolution that will change the idea of immortality forever.  Anyone would be drawn to hm, even without fate's intervention, and when eighteen-year-old Sophie crashes into him, there's no turning back.  

All that remains is figuring out who, or what, he is, and with a little perseverance, she'll find out the indelible truth--right along with a century-old secret...and a threat for which neither of them are prepared." (From back of the book)

My Review:
The story starts out pretty normally where the reader is introduced to the main character, Sophie, who has recently moved to California and has a close relationship with her mother.  One day she literally crashes her car into Wes', who insists he doesn't want her insurance information and drives off.  From that brief encounter I was hooked to the story, the chemistry felt real, instantaneous, and believable. I found myself wondering about his motives and the mystery behind him.  When the secret was finally revealed I was impressed by such an original idea for sci-fi.  Most of the book is focused on Wes and Sophie's relationship and their development as a couple which I loved, but don't worry there is plenty of drama and some action as well once other people become aware of Wes' secret and well as the truth about Sophie.  Sophie is a great character she is not afraid to say what is on her mind (including when she thinks Wes is acting ridiculous)  and is very independent.  She has a lot to deal with when she finds out the truth about Wes and herself, I don't want to give too much away other than these two are destined to be together.  Wes is beyond sweet, protective, and caring he makes a great love interest (especially during a certain carnival scene). I will admit I got a little frustrated with Wes at one point, even though his heart was in the right place.  I would definitely recommend this book to others and I know other review are comparing it to other books such as Twilight, but I feel Shorts made this story her own.  This was a great read with 3 other books in the series, the second one The Broken Lake is already out and book three will be out in August. 

You can read the first chapter on amazon and decide if you want to order it

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