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Review: Enthralled

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions by Melissa Marr, Kelly Armstrong, Claudia Gray, Carrie Ryan, Kami Garcia, Jackson Pearce, Rachel Vincent, Sarah Rees Brennan, Jeri Smith-Ready, Kimberly Derting, Ally Condie, Jessica Verday, Margaret Stohl, Mary E. Pearson, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and Rachel Caine

Publisher: Harper (HarperCollins)
Publication Date: September 20, 2011

Giovanni's Farewell by Claudia Gray: Is the story of twins Cairo and Ravenna on a school trip in Rome as they begin to discover they have supernatural powers.  Cairo finds out he can read people's thoughts while Ravenna begins to see ghosts.  It is a fun sweet read and I wish there was more to the story.

Scenic Route by Carrie Ryan: Follows the story of sisters Margie and Sally in their refuge after the world goes through a "change" and no one is safe.  This is a dark story about two girls who had to grow up way to quickly and relax by planning a road trip until a stranger comes into their lives and they must decide whether to trust him or not.

Red Run by Kami Garcia:  Edie is seeking revenge from the ghost who killed her brother out on a haunted road, Red Run, a year ago. This is another dark story where everything Edie believes is put into question when she meets a mysterious boy out on Red Run.  I really enjoyed this story, I hope there is a continuation.

Things About Love by Jackson Pearce: Alternates POV's of the main characters Lawrence and Juliet.  Lawrence is a boy just trying to find love like his friend Viola while Juliet, a genie, tries to figure out what love is.  They become friends and try to help the other and they being to realize that what they thought about love is all wrong.

Niederwald by Rachel Vincent: Is from Sabine's POV from the Soul Screamer Series as she and Emma and taking a road trip back from doing an extra credit assignment at a cultural fair.  In this story we meet some harpies who Sabine has some business with (involving Nash and Kaylee of course).  We find out how Sabine found Nash after all those years and something shocking about Kaylee's future (my jaw was hanging open when I found out...well I'll let you read for yourself).  I still cannot make myself like Sabine (I feel for her though), but I am still Team Kaylee.  While I was reading the story all my mixed up emotions from My Soul to Steal came bubbling up, Vincent does a great job bringing out emotions from her characters and readers.

A Mortal Winter King by Melissa Marr:  This story is written from Keenan's POV as he and Donia go on a vacation.  Keenan is mortal and is trying to convince Donia to let him attempt to become a fairy again.  This was a funny, sweet, and quick read that make me want to read the series.  I loved the ending and I can't wait to find out what happens next since there was a bit of a cliffhanger.

Facing Facts by Kelley Armstrong:  Written from Chloe's POV and deals with the aftermath of Tori finding out who her father is.  Tori does not take the information well and runs off.  As Chloe tries to catch up to comfort her there seems to be something sinister following her as well.  We also get to see a bit of Derek and I couldn't help falling for him in this short story.

Let's Get This Undead Show on the Road by Sarah Rees Brennan:  Is about a boy band called Four the One which has three humans and one vampire named Christian.  Christian has been struggling with his change into a vampire not really feeling like he belongs anywhere since his family rejected him, does not feel connected to other vampires, and not really connected to his band.  As he and the rest of the band go on a concert tour a person's crazed actions makes Christian re-evaluate the people around him and let others see another side of him.  I loved Christian's sarcastic voice and gentle manner, although I was a little put off by another vampire story I turned out to really love this one and would definitely read more if possible.  I also fell in love with the bad, which I didn't think was possible at the beginning of the story.

Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready: Told from Logan's POV, an ex-star who OD'd on cocaine, as he tries to make amends by with the ones he left behind because of his mistake, especially his brother Mickey.  The story is written like the words in a song, and even though it is disjointed it is very beautifully written.  I felt the characters come alive and could feel their emotions strongly. This was an amazing read that makes me want to read more from the author.

Skin Contact by Kimberly Derting:  Told from the mysterious Rafe's POV, tells the story of his past, how he came to work for Agent Sara Priest, and how his powers work.  This is a heart-breaking story, he has been through rough times and I couldn't help falling in love with him and his inner strength.  I don't want to give too much away but it involves a love (different but as strong as Violet and Jay's), I'll leave it at that.  This was the first story I read when I got this book and I was not disappointed.  I can't wait to learn more about him in the third Body Finder book.

Leaving by Ally Condie: Takes place in the future and follows the POV of Sora whose father left her trying to look for something better, because of this she has become untouchable and suffers from being excluded by everyone.  Although a popular boy named Elio sees the suffering she is going through and fights against people's expectations.  Condie has built a beautiful world in just a few amount of pages and I hope it becomes a series or writes another short story because the end was too much of a cliffhanger for me to not want to know what happens next.

At the Late Night Double Feature, Picture Show by Jessica Verday: Amazing story involving cannibal girl scouts, vampires in drag, and evil spirits.  This is about a girl named Jane who comes from a family of supernatural hunters with special powers, everyone except her.  To prove she can be more useful than bait she takes on a cannibal girl scout on her own and the night spirals out from there.  I have to read more from this author especially if it involves more of this story, which of course ends in an awesome cliffhanger.  Funny and action-packed I only wish it was longer.

I.V. League by Margaret Stohl: Follows the story of Wern Lola Lafayette, a vampire, as she tries to get into college with her friend Maynard Hopper Wilson. It is an interesting story demonstrating class difference with money as well as species, taking place in Harvard.

Gargouille by Mary E. Pearson: A great story that takes a new spin on gargoyles.  A female gargoyle named Giselle has been captured and her wings cut off, soon she will lose her memories of who she use to be including her fiance Etienne (amazing love story).  Wonderful story and I loved the new take on the gargoyle myth, I hope the author plans to continue the story in the future, she has me hooked.

The Third Kind by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Jess’s sister Krissy gets divine impulses that must be followed, including going to San Antonio in the middle of the night. Along the way they meet some shady characters that will stop at nothing to stop them from their destination. Really great story, I’m just sad there isn’t more of an explanation, since it leaves off at a cliffhanger.

Automatic by Rachel Caine: From Micheal's POV after Amelie requests that he demonstrate the new Coke machine that dispenses blood instead, in cans.  Although tasting the preservatives put in the blood has some interesting effects on Micheal.  We also get to see Eve with and how her and Micheal's relationship is progressing.  Fun filler story mixed with danger and comedy, definitely a must read for anyone who reads The Morganville Vampire series.

Loved this anthology and its theme of taking a journey or detour.  This is a great book for discovering new authors to read and read works from some of your favorites.  It was also great seeing so many strong female characters standing up for themselves and fighting back. Thank you so much to Kimberly Derting for having a giveaway that let me win this book.

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